HHS to Offer $1M for Family Planning Services

Dept of Health and Human ServicesAgency: Health & Human Services Dept. (HHS) Office of Public Health and Science, Office of Population Affairs, Office of Family Planning; Program: Family Planning Services Grants (CFDA Number: 93.217) (Funding Opportunity Number: PA-FPH-16-002); Eligibility: North Dakota — nonprofits (including faith-based and community organizations); Funding: $1 million for one award (no match required); Deadline (estimated): March (the NOFA is to be released soon). Continue reading

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HRSA Sets $28M Aside for Health Education Grants

hrsa_logoAgency: Health Resources & Services Admin.; Program: AREA Health Education (CFDA Number: 93.107) (Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-17-071); Eligibility: Public or private nonprofit accredited medical schools, osteopathic schools of medicine and incorporated consortia made up of such schools or their parent institutions; accredited schools of nursing; Funding: $28 million for 55 awards (a 100% match is required); Deadline (estimated): February (the NOFA is to be posted in November). Continue reading

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Funding to Advance Rural, Children’s Health

grantsAgency: Health Resources and Services Administration (HHS); Program: Rural Health Network Development Program (CFDA Number: 93.912) (Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-17-018); Eligibility: The lead applicant organization must be a rural nonprofit or public entity that represents a network of three or more health care providers; Funding: $9 million for 30 awards; Deadline: Nov. 28. Continue reading

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Schools Can Benefit from Agency Environmental Funding

2000px-NOAA_logo.svgAgency: Commerce Dept. (Nat’l Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin.); Program: NOAA California Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Program (CFDA Number: 11.429) (Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-NOS-ONMS-2017-2005059); Eligibility: K-12 schools, governments, universities and nonprofits (projects must be in: San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay and Santa Barbara Channel watersheds); Funding: $800,000 for 20 awards (no match required); Deadline: Nov. 18. Continue reading

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Important Children and Youth Related Research from Around the Nation

US-MapBrief Addresses Educational Needs of Justice-Involved: The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform releases Education and Interagency Collaboration: A Lifeline for Justice-Involved Youth. This focuses on the importance of collaboration between policymakers and educators to address the educational needs of youth at risk of entering, or involved in, the juvenile justice system. Continue reading

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HRSA Has $8.7M to Fund Centers of Excellence

hrsa_logoAgency: Health & Human Services Dept. (HHS) (Health Resources & Services Admin., HRSA); Program: Centers of Excellence (CFDA Number: 93.157) (Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-17-065); Eligibility: Accredited allopathic schools of medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or graduate programs in behavioral or mental health, or other public and nonprofit health or educational entities including faith-based organizations and community based organizations; Funding: $8.7 million for 12 awards; Deadline (estimated): December (the NOFA is to be released soon). Continue reading

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DOL, DoEd Grant Universal WIOA Performance Waivers

Over the next two years, the  Departments of Labor (DOL) and Education (DoEd) will not penalize states that that fail to meet their performance standards under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), officials said.

The grace period is intended to help states and local board get programs on track to serve more individuals with barriers to employment, without the threat of sanctions. DOL and DoEd want states to build a realistic baseline into the adjustment model, enabling future performance targets to better encourage more robust services to greater numbers of individuals. Continue reading

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Six New Members Named to Board of ‘Nation’s Report Card’

US-DeptOfEducation-Seal_LargeEducation Secy. John King Jr. names six appointees to the National Assessment Governing Board, which sets policy and metrics for National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as The Nation’s Report Card.

The were named to serve four-year terms. The new members include two state legislators, a testing and measurement expert, a local school board member, a non-public school leader and a general public representative. Continue reading

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HHS Issues New CCDF Standards To Improve Quality And Safety For Child Care

ACF logoHHS’ Admin, for Children and Families (ACF) releases new quality and safety standards aimed at providing higher quality care and safer environments for programs that receive funding under the $5 billion Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF).

The rule, which implements bipartisan legislation signed by President Obama in 2014, sets higher standards for states, territories and tribes receiving federal funds through important areas such as health and safety requirements; training and professional development for child care providers; and eligibility rules that better support working families. Continue reading

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HHS to Launch $327.6M in Grants to Aid Healthcare Centers

health CenterAgency: Health Resources & Services Admin (HHS); Program: Service Area Competitions (CFDA Number 93.224) (Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-17-055); Eligibility: Schools; community health facilities; public and nonprofit private entities including faith-based and community-based organizations (school-based health centers are encouraged); Funding: $327.6 million for 189 awards (no match required); Deadline: December (I). Continue reading

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