November audio conference: Funding Bullying Prevention Programs

Did you miss our November audio conference: Funding Bullying Prevention Programs

The audio conference Funding for Bullying Prevention Programs will be rescheduled for November 6. New data and resources on bullying are being released during the last week of October. We are postponing to include this information.

The bullying epidemic continues to grow, despite extensive attention from the media and resources to help lessen the occurrences. Every week, it seems a new horrifying bullying event is uncovered by the media, like the one playing out with the football team at Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey. The sad fact is, while many of these events are uncovered and rectified, many still go unreported.

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, a new Grant Advisors audio will offer proven techniques, resources and insights on the crucial private and federal funders that have joined the effort and are making an impact on the situation – and focused on making an even bigger impact through funding quality programs. Nearly all federal agencies have joined the fight, and numerous private entities are rearranging or enhancing their priorities to focus more on bullying prevention.

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More Important Research from Around the Nation

State K-12 Assessments Evaluated for Readiness: Jobs for the Future posts a report analyzing the historical development of education assessments. The report found that existing assessments do not account for the fact that students more regularly retain information when provided with context or for the increasing importance of college readiness skills. The report recommends that states develop assessments to measure skills and knowledge in subject areas beyond reading and mathematics, create clear college- and career-ready standards, and use lessons learned to improve new statewide assessment systems. Read the rest of this entry

Car Maker Teacher of the Year Award Competition Opens

Just a quick reminders: the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) launches the 2015 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year Award, which will make a $20,000 award to an exemplary K-12 teacher who excels at classroom instruction, assists in the academic achievement of their students and engages families in the learning process.

Deadline: Dec. 31. Read the rest of this entry

Agencies Receive Broad Input over Career Pathways Initiative

Federal agencies received a flurry of public comments over a new cross-agency effort to better align K-12 education, higher education and vocational instruction with strategies to help increase access to industry-recognized credentials and good jobs.

The Career Pathways is an effort by the Departments of Education, HHS and Labor to make it easier for students to translate classroom instruction or training into a career. It is the first time the three major grant-making departments recognized the need for collaboration in coordinating the employment, training, education and support services funding streams.

The period closed on June 9 and generated 42 public comments. Read the rest of this entry

Singer’s Foundation Provides More Than Just a ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’

Singer Jimmy Buffet’s Singing for Change Charitable Foundation is interested in funding projects that improve the quality of life for people and empower individuals to effect positive change in their communities.

Buffet, known for whimsical tropical-vacation-themed musical hits like “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” is quite serious about funding his foundation and the work it does.

Deadline: Rolling Read the rest of this entry

Basketball Star’s Foundation Does Good Work, Helps AIDS Outreach,

Long after NBA star Magic Johnson has given up driving through the paint to the basket, the foundation he created is still doing great work in inner city neighborhoods. Established in 1991 as a single-disease organization working to fund organizations dealing with HIV/AIDS education, the Magic Johnson Foundation has expanded to fund a range of community based projects for the poor and underserved.

The foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations in inner cities for HIV/AIDS outreach and well as K-12 education, prevention, health and social services.

Deadline: Rolling (Letter of Inquiry). Read the rest of this entry

R2T Competition Generates 36 Applications for $250M in Awards

Thirty-five states and Puerto Rico have applied for grants under the new $250 million Race to the Top: Preschool Development Grants (R2T) competition that will expand high-quality early childhood education programs.

The final tally is up from the number that Education Dept. estimated via a count of submitted letters of intent filed in the competition at the end of last month. The filing deadline was Oct. 14.

Winners will be named in December; ED anticipates making up to 25 awards. The grants (CFDA Number: 84.419) are part of a larger effort to offer pre-K to more 4-year-olds. Read the rest of this entry

Important Research from Around the Nation

TANF Cash Benefits Fell by More Than 20%: A new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities shows that cash assistance benefits for the nation’s poorest families with children fell in purchasing power in 2014 and are now at least 20% below their 1996 levels in 38 states, after adjusting for inflation. While eight states raised Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits between July 2013 and July 2014, the remaining states did not, allowing inflation to continue to erode the benefits’ value. No state cut TANF benefits in nominal dollars in the past year, the report said. And, every state’s TANF benefits for a family of three with no other cash income were below 50% of the poverty line. Read the rest of this entry

ED Looking for ‘Game-Changing’ Best Practices

The Education Dept. seeks public input on ways to dramatically improve pre-K through 12 education, appealing for “game-changing,” solutions that could be fast-tracked over the next two years.

Public Comment Deadline: Dec: 1.

President Obama will leave office in a little over two years and it’s unlikely that his successor will keep Education Secy. Arne Duncan at ED. Duncan has become a lightning rod for criticism over the No Child Left Behind waiver process even as the states embrace the strategy as a way to avoid the harsh NCLB penalties. Read the rest of this entry

Foundation Highlight: Union Pacific Foundation

Grant Advisors Ray Sweeney and Frank Klimko are constantly on the lookout for good opportunities offering vigorous funding streams. Regularly, our site will highlight a foundation or federal agency which may fall under the radar, but provides funding that can help you achieve your programming goals.

Over the past few weeks, we highlighted the MAC AIDS Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Emerging Teacher-Leaders in Elementary School Mathematics for Grades Pre-K–5 grants, the National Forest Foundation, Whole Foods Markets, Dedalus Foundation, the Best Buy Foundation, the Dr. Scholl Foundation, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, the Surdna Foundation and the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries grants.

This week, we want to talk about the giving efforts of the Union Pacific Foundation and its 2015 Community-Based Grants Program Read the rest of this entry

ED to Evaluate Winners in $130M i3 Competition

As the Education Dept. prepares for another round of Investing in Innovation (i3) grants, it seeks to conduct a national evaluation of previous competition winners to see which strategies helped in improving the delivery of instruction in the K-12 classroom.

Public Comment Deadline: Nov. 28.

ED last year awarded about $130 million in three categories of i3 grants: Development Grants (up to $3 million each) (CFDA Numbers: 84.411P& 84.411C); Scale-up Grants ($19 million each) (CFDA Number: 84.411A) and Validation Grants ($11.5 million each) (CFDA Number: 84.411B) Read the rest of this entry