$1.9M Supports Programs for Incarcerated Youth, Technical Training

photo: newamericamedia.org

photo: newamericamedia.org

Agency: DoEd; Program: Juvenile Justice Reentry Education Program: Opening Doors to College and Careers through Career and Technical Education CFDA Number 84.051A (Funding Opportunity Number: ED-GRANTS-083115-001); Eligibility: Schools and governments; Funding: $1.9 million for six awards (no matching required); Deadline: Oct. 30.

Summary: The Career and Technical Education Grants improve outcomes for justice-involved youth through the provision of career and technical education (CTE) programs, reentry services, and post-release CTE and employment training opportunities for juveniles in and exiting from juvenile justice confinement.

Info: http://tinyurl.com/pz39mdn (NOFA); Julius Cotton, 202/245-6288 EducationGrantInquiries@ed.gov or Laura Messenger, 202/245-7840, email: laura.messenger@ed.gov

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