IMLS Grants Give Priority to Literacy, Early Learning, Reading

IMLS-logoAgency: Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS); Program: 2016 Nat’l Leadership Grants for Libraries (CFDA Number: 45.312) (Funding Opportunity Number: NLG-LIBRARIES-FY16); Eligibility: Nonprofits, museums and institutions of higher education (early learning projects receive priority); Funding: $12 million for 20 awards; Deadline: Jan. 15.

Summary: These grants support projects improving the inner working of libraries. However, the eligibility requirements are carefully written to include nonprofit education applicants which may have an interest in advancing museum, library and archival practices. Applicants are encouraged to partner with community organizations to address at least one of the challenges identified by The IMLS Strategic Plan, 2012 – 2016: Creating a Nation of Learners. IMLS like effective partnerships using a holistic approach to address the learning needs of all people in a community. Partnerships should target early learners, teens and students with special needs. The program has three funding categories: (1) learning experiences (experiential learning and discovery at museums); (2) community anchors (museums as essential partners in addressing the needs of their communities); (3) collections stewardship. Start with the The IMLS Strategic Plan, 2012 – 2016: Creating a Nation of Learners

Info: (NOFA); Tim Carrigan, senior library program officer, 202/653-4639

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