Funds Aid with Noncustodial Parent Job Services

Dept of Health and Human ServicesAgency: Health & Human Services Dept. (HHS) (Admin. for Children & Families, ACF; Office of Child Support Enforcement, OCSE); Program: Nat’l Child Support Noncustodial Parent Employment Demonstration Projects (CFDA Number: 93.564); Eligibility: States; Funding (Estimated): $1.6 million for eight awards around $200,000 each (no match required); Deadline (Tentative): July.

Summary: States will use funding to improve employment services for noncustodial parents involved in child support systems. Look for a solicitation to be released in May with a July deadline.. States will create programs to provide employment services to noncustodial parents involved in the child support system. In order for these parents to succeed in the workforce, states should have strong partnerships with all types of organizations, including courts and substance abuse, mental health, nutrition, domestic violence and fatherhood programs. Strong linkages with colleges and universities to help research the program are encouraged, Antelo says.

Info: 202/401-5602; for the most recent grant solicitation, please visit

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