Webinar: FY 2016 Appropriations – Safe Bets at HHS, Education and Labor Programs

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Grantseekers can start planning now for FY 2016 federal funding solicitations. In fact, several solicitations have been released for next fiscal year. Many incorrectly assume during times of congressional bickering that their favorite programs are going away. The fact is that many programs enjoy bipartisan support and generally maintain funding or receive elevated amounts. This includes several popular existing programs at the Departments of Health and Human Services, Education and Labor. Additionally, new programs may see the light of day once the final FY 2016 funding totals are set. Listeners will learn where to look for FY 2016 funding details, what to say when reaching out to decision-makers on FY 2016 competitions and what to include in applications to secure these FY 2016 funds.

What are the projected funding totals for poplar programs at the three agencies, including those at DOL’s Employment and Training Administration, HHS’ Administration for Children and Families and ED’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education? What are the focuses of the new programs that are on their way to being funded?  How can you follow the funding? How can you position your nonprofit to secure FY 2016 funding? How can you determine the direction your favorite program will take in FY 2016?

For the answers to these questions and much more, listen to our hands-on audioconference:

FY 2016 Appropriations:
Safe Bets at the Health and Human Services, Education and Labor Programs

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn

  • What Types of Programs/Ideas Are Enjoying Bipartisan Support?
  • Likely Path for FY 2016 Final Funding
  • Areas of Funding Interest for Republicans
  • Funding Priorities for the White House and Democrats
  • Existing Programs And Their Upcoming Funding Focuses
  • Outside-the Box Opportunities Labor, ED and HHS To Be Funded
  • FY 2016 Federal Opportunities Available Now At Numerous Federal Agencies
  • Private Funding Opportunities Including Big Name Foundations And Small Family Philanthropic Efforts That Can Aid Efforts
  • New Funding Programs In The Works
  • Research & Reports Guiding Where Funding Is Headed for Trendy Issues
  • Proven Ways to Get Involved In the Appropriations Process
  • Proven Governmental Outreach Techniques
  • Proven Grant Tips to Get Your Application Noticed
  • Building The Right Partnerships

About the Presenters: Ray Sweeney and Frank Klimko – Your Grant Advisors

Ray Sweeney is a highly-experienced grantwriter for a range of nonprofits. Mr. Sweeney is also the long-time editor for the online news service Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor.  Frank Klimko is a veteran Capitol Hill reporter and grants journalist and senior writer for Children & Youth Funding Report and Private Grants Alert.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 60 minutes of Information-Packed Presentation With Q&A
  • Downloadable Handouts with Lists of New Programs and Coinciding Funding Opportunities
  • Downloadable Outline Designed for Easy Note Taking
  • Free membership to the Grant Advisors — Let Us Direct You to Funding Success
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Audio Conf - FY 2016 Appropriations - MP3 recording
Audio Conf - FY 2016 Appropriations - MP3 recording
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