HHS Offers $3.6M for Family Planning Services

Agency: Health & Human Services Dept. (HHS) Office of Public Health and Science, Office of Population Affairs, Office of Family Planning; Program: Family Planning Services Grants- Virginia (CFDA Number: 93.217) (Funding Opportunity Number: PA-FPH-16-034); Eligibility: Virginia – schools, for-profits, governments and nonprofits (including faith-based and community organizations); Funding: $3.6 million for four awards (no match required); Deadline: March 31.

Summary: The grants support Virginia voluntary family planning services projects, including those offering family planning for adolescents like sex education. Nearly all U.S. teens have had formal sex education, but only about two-thirds have been taught birth control methods, according to a government report. Local and regional public or private nonprofit entities may apply directly to the HHS for a Title X family planning services grant. Funding of applications that propose to rely on other entities to provide services will take into consideration the extent to which the applicant indicates it can provide the required services.

Info:  http://tinyurl.com/gsx6hrn

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