DPA Underwrites Special Advocacy Projects

grantsPrivate Funder: Drug Policy Alliance (DPA); Opportunities: Promoting Policy Change (PPC) and the Special Opportunities Fund (SOF); Funding Focus: Public safety, education and health; Geographic Focus: National; Eligibility: Nonprofits; Funding (TBA): $1.2 million in funding was available for 2016 cycle; Deadline: Rolling (SOF letter-of-intent).

Summary: The Drug Policy Alliance offers two grants programs. The first, Promoting Policy Change (https://goo.gl/wJH0dO), is dedicated to supporting cutting edge drug policy reform organizations, primarily but not solely those that are working on the local level.

The fund it seeks to build strong, collaborative relationships between DPA and the grantee organization. PPC engages grantees via monthly conference calls; annual gatherings and at the biennial drug policy reform conference. That competition is to open next year.

Special Opportunities Fund

The second program is the Special Opportunities Fund (https://goo.gl/SUANv0). It is generally more competitive than PPC. It is designed to respond to the quickly developing and generally time-sensitive drug policy reform opportunities that crop up in the United States. Those applying for this fund need only send a description of the project to us, along with a detailed budget and cover sheet. Applications for the SOF are accepted throughout the year.

Tip: Preference is given to projects that are time-sensitive. Grants will be made on an ongoing basis subject to the availability of funds. The maximum request is $25,000, though generally grant awards range from $10,000 to $15,000. Organizations may only submit one proposal within a six-month timeframe.

Info: https://goo.gl/1hBgN8 (NOFA); 212/613-8026, www.drugpolicy.org, e-mail grants@drugpolicy.org for questions.

About Frank Klimko

Frank Klimko is a nationally known journalist, grants expert and speech writer/speaker. He has years of experience helping nonprofits devise lists of the right funding opportunities and secure funding from these foundations and corporate entities. Clients have focused on an array of areas including child care, homeless, hunger and K-12 education.

Additionally, he is a Freedom of Information Act expert, who has helped numerous clients with securing proprietary information from the federal government.

Currently, Frank Klimko writes the Children & Youth Funding Report and Private Grants Alert, which are Washington DC-based publications. CYF is a daily publication covering Congress, the Education Dept. and the various federal regulatory agencies. PGA, another daily publication, covers the world of private philanthropy.

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