Funding Trend: Initiative Combines Women’s Philanthropy, Donor Networks

In the ever changing philanthropic landscape, an exciting new trend is combining the growing number of women philanthropists with the increasing power of donor networks to substantially change the giving game.

Women Moving Millions exemplifies these trends: the power of donor networks and the rising clout of women donor many of whom gravitate to collaborative approaches to both raising money and giving it away.

Women Moving Millions (WMM) is a network of 240 donors who have all given at least $1 million to support work that promotes gender equality world. It doesn’t engage in direct grantmaking or steer where grants go, and donors pay no membership fee to belong to the group. WMM is also different than the better known Women’s Donor Network, which addresses a range of issues and works with donors at various levels.

WMM estimates that women control $13.2 trillion of wealth in North America alone.

Donor networks matter in 21st-century philanthropy. They provide a way to find and mobilize donors who might otherwise never swing behind a cause, tapping into ever larger mountains of money that are now sitting on the sidelines. This is a great alternative to chasing a bigger piece of the static pie of grantmaking dollars given out by known funders, all of whom have long lines outside their doors. Getting to the next level in an uber-competitive fundraising environment, networking your way is key.

Women Moving Millions is a case study of the potential of networks because it is tapping into one of the biggest reservoirs of latent giving capacity and generating new dollars for the neglected area of gender issues.

Beyond onboarding new donors, WMM is working to pull more women into its network. But WMM also works with financial experts to hook up with wealthy women regarding their giving, as philanthropy advisors. One way WMM strengthens its community and grows its membership is through the Circles Program/

It  offers member-led engagement opportunities that leverage the expertise within and outside our community. Circles allow members to share information and research different issues and strategies within gender-lens philanthropy. Members opt-in to the circle/s of their choice such as: Film as a Tool for Social Change, Gender-Based Violence or Self-Care.

Each Circle has WMM Member Champion that works to create and share content, organize calls, bring forth collective opportunities, and report back to the community. The Circles convene via conference call, online social networking (private Facebook group), email listserv, and/or in-person gatherings.

Info: (Circles).

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