DoEd Releases ‘Condition of Education’ Report

The Education Dept. (DoEd) releases the 2017 Condition of Education, report which looks at a range of risk factors that make up a picture of K-12 education in the country.

This year’s report includes 50 indicators on topics ranging from prekindergarten through postsecondary education, as well as labor force outcomes and international comparisons.


  • Student risk factors (poverty and low parent educational attainment) at kindergarten entry are associated with lower academic achievement in kindergarten through grade 3;
  • 2.5% of students in U.S. public elementary and secondary schools were reported as homeless in 2014-15. The percentage of students reported as homeless ranged from 2.0% in suburban school districts to 2.4% in rural districts, 2.6% in town districts, and 3.7% in city districts;
  • Among first-time college students in 2011-12, the percentage of students who were still enrolled or had graduated after 3 years was higher for students who began at 4-year institutions (80%) than for those who began at 2-year institutions (57%); and
  • 16% of 25- to 64-year-olds who had not completed high school had one or more disabilities in 2015, compared to 4% of those who had completed a bachelor’s degree and 3% of those who had completed a master’s or higher degree.

The proportion of students who use the Internet at home varied by parental education level in 2015, ranging from 42% for children whose parents had not completed high school to 71% for those whose parents had completed a bachelor’s or higher degree.  In 2014 female students scored higher than male students on the National Assessment of Educational Progress’s 8th-grade Technology and Engineering Literacy assessment.

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