FSS Grants to Aid, Support Healthy Marriages

ACF logoAgency: HHS, Admin. for Children & Families; Program: Family Strengthening Scholars (CFDA Number: 93.086) (old CFDA Number: 93.647) (Funding Opportunity Number: HHS-2017-ACF-OPRE-PD-1209); Eligibility: Public and private colleges and universities; Funding: $75,000 for three awards (no match required); Deadline: July 14.

Summary: These grants that are part of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Funding supports research on healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood policy issues. Those focusing on underserved populations including low-income families and minorities and utilizing rigorous research methodologies will receive preferential treatment.    

Info: https://goo.gl/2nXBXf (NOFA); https://goo.gl/GMz6gR (guidance) Timothy Chappelle, phone: (202) 401-4855, email: tim.chappelle@acf.hhs.gov for more on the competition.

About Frank Klimko

Frank Klimko is a nationally known journalist, grants expert and speech writer/speaker. He has years of experience helping nonprofits devise lists of the right funding opportunities and secure funding from these foundations and corporate entities. Clients have focused on an array of areas including child care, homeless, hunger and K-12 education. Additionally, he is a Freedom of Information Act expert, who has helped numerous clients with securing proprietary information from the federal government. Currently, Frank Klimko writes the Children & Youth Funding Report and Private Grants Alert, which are Washington DC-based publications. CYF is a daily publication covering Congress, the Education Dept. and the various federal regulatory agencies. PGA, another daily publication, covers the world of private philanthropy.
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