HHS to Seek Applications for Projects to Improve Adolescent Immunization Rates

Agency: HHS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Program: Reducing Disparities In Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescents Living In Rural Areas (CFDA Number: 93.185, Funding Opportunity Number, RFA-IP-18-003); Eligibility: Schools, nonprofits with or without 501(c)(3) status (other than institution of higher education), colleges and tribes; Funding: $1.05 million for one award (no match required); Deadline (tentative): February (2018) expect a NOFA in December.

Summary: Applicants will be able to compete for Health & Human Services Dept. (HHS) grants that support partnership efforts to improve immunizations rates among adolescents in rural areas.

These funding is designed to increase adolescent immunization rates. The project is to: 1) obtain a better understanding of the factors contributing to vaccination disparities observed between adolescents living in rural areas compared to adolescents living in urban areas within the United States; and, 2) implement and evaluate an intervention to improve vaccination coverage among adolescents living in rural areas.

Info: https://goo.gl/479UUv (website); for questions about this funding competition, please contact: Christine Morrison cjm3@cdc.gov or (404) 718-8845.

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